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Neighbor Complaint

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A newly revised Arizona Law (A.R.S. 33-1803) requires that any complaint related to a violation lodged with the Association can NOT be made anonymously. 

The person lodging the complaint and alleged violation must state his/her first name, the date the violation occurred and the provision of the community documents allegedly violated. 

The new law requires that this information must be available to the party who is accused of the violation. 

Click here to view the form. Please fill it out and return it to Renaissance in the mail, fax, or email.


Here is a copy of the applicable text from A.R.S. 33-1803

D. Within ten business days after receipt of the certified mail containing the response from the member, the association shall respond to the member with a written explanation regarding the notice that shall provide at least the following information unless previously provided in the notice of violation:

1. The provision of the community documents that has allegedly been violated.

2. The date of the violation or the date the violation was observed.

3. The first and last name of the person or persons who observed the violation.

4. The process the member must follow to contest the notice.


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