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ARC Request


Submit to:  Renaissance Community Partners

                 633 E Ray Rd., Suite 122                                      

                 Gilbert, AZ 85295                       Community: _____________________


           Fax 480-545-6196                                      Date: _____________________


Requested By:


Name: ______________________________


Address: ____________________________  Telephone: _____________________


General Description of work to be performed: Include dimensions, shapes, colors, and locations.

*Please attach a sketch, photograph or sales brochure illustrations of desired addition and/or modifications








I will assume the responsibility for any work under the above-proposed improvement that my contractor. or I, accomplish which may, in the future adversely affect to common area. I will assume responsibility for all future maintenance of this addition or improvement.


Homeowner’s signature: __________________  Date: _______


The undersigned adjacent owners have no objections to the proposed improvement:

#1 – Owner signature: ____________________________  Date: _______________


#2 – Owner signature: ____________________________  Date: _______________


Notice to Owners – Your improvements may require a permit from the City/County Building Department. You should check with the department about permits before starting any work. All work must be completed within 90 days of approval.


For Board Use Only

Date received by Arch. Committee: ___________ Date of Decision: ___________


Approval __________                Disapproval __________





Click here for a PDF version of the Request Form.


Phone: 480-813-6788    Fax: 480-545-6196  

             633 E Ray Road, Suite 122

         Gilbert, AZ 85296


        For more information - info@rcplimited.com

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