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We often get requests from homeowners to waive charges to their account...

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These charges may be late fees, collections costs, or CC&R violation fines. Renaissance does NOT have the authority to waive any charges applied to your account. Only your Board of Directors has that ability.

Your Board will usually meet in "Executive Session" in conjunction with most regularly scheduled board meetings. During those meetings, not open to the public (as provided in ARS 33-1804), the board will consider your request.

Renaissance applies an objective "scoring" methodology to your appeal. That score is presented to the board when considering your appeal. Appeals are all considered on an individual, objective basis.

The success of your request will depend on a number of factors:

bulletAre you current in payment of your assessments? Most boards find it very hard to be lenient to a homeowner who is not doing their part financially.
bulletDid the association incur any costs? Demand notices, intent to lien, liens, intent to sue, lawsuits, filing fees, etc are all real costs to the association. We call them "hard costs". If the board waives your hard costs, it means your neighbors will be paying your hard costs. Most boards will not waive hard costs.
bulletHave you repaired the problem? If you received a fine for a CC&R violation and you have not fixed the problem for which you were fined, chances are your fine will not be waived.
bulletHave you had a lot of violations? If you are frequently receiving fines for CC&R violations it increases your score and lessens your chances that the board will waive your fine.
bulletWere you nasty in your letter or in-person appeal? Our boards do their best to be completely objective when considering appeals but they are also human and they are your neighbors. In most successful appeals the owner was kind and not nasty. Similarly demands and threats don't work too well.
bulletHave you requested a waiver recently? If you are appealing on a regular basis, the board will likely take it as sign that you have not changed your behavior.

You will always be treated with respect, kindness and fairness. Sometimes people who didn't "get their way" believe that they weren't treated in that manner. We apologize in advance if your appeal is not successful. The boards must look out for the interests of the whole community and make their decisions accordingly.

Click here to view the Appeal Request form


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