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Renaissance was founded to take “the road less traveled”.

I was a frustrated HOA board member! At different times, my wife and I had both served on our board and experienced great frustration with management companies who, in our opinion, either did nothing or were just mean.

After three management companies in four years, I led our community into “self-management”. Before we did, however, we established rules of conduct and values by which to govern. We managed the community adhering to those values and developing strong social programs. The results were amazing!

We decided to embark on “the road less traveled”, and created a management company that places values and community above revenue and profit.

We are unique in the HOA Management industry. We make a difference in the lives of board members and residents who live in the communities we manage. Our proven property management methods, values, and innovations allow us to provide tangible, quantifiable benefits to board members and residents. Our partnerships affirm that positive things happen when you take “the road less traveled.”



The road less traveled...

...Is lonely, not crowded, only traversed by those with strength , drive, vision and the courage to stand alone.









We realize at Renaissance we are different, but it is by design. We strive to set ourselves apart from the rest of the industry by our responsiveness, dedication to service, and treating homeowners the way we would like to be treated.

On the road less traveled we understand we serve the board and the board serves the community.



This pyramid represents the service hierarchy embraced by Renaissance. The key is service!

Phone: 480-813-6788    Fax: 480-545-6196  

             633 E Ray Road, Suite 122

         Gilbert, AZ 85296


        For more information - info@rcplimited.com

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